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Looking at moving to the area?!

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amy2745 Mon 20-Oct-14 11:42:57

My husband is considering a move to work in isleworth from Manchester. I just wanted to ask where you would suggest the best areas are for families whether it be nearby or a little further out so we can get more for our money. We have an 18 month old son. Any tips or suggestions on nice areas would help as we don't know the area whatsoever!

hattie15 Wed 11-Feb-15 14:21:04

Hi Amy,
I was wondering - have you moved to the Isleworth area, and if so, how are you finding it? We're also thinking of moving, and so just wanted to find out how you are getting on!

panda17 Tue 24-Feb-15 13:50:03

Isleworth is a great up and coming area. Many families and a lovely community is growing-thanks to the new homemade ice cream shop on south street-its become a real hub of old Isleworth. The area has great green space and more than a few good primary schools

saveoursouls Tue 28-Jun-16 13:02:03


I know this is a zombie thread, but I'm hoping to revive it smile
Planning a possible move down to Isleworth in the next year or so.
Some comments about the local area were really positive and I'd love to know more from any peeps sending their kids to either Worple or Isleworth Town primaries - how are they?
My DC currently in Y3 so would be an in-year transfer, probably at the start of Y5.
Re Isleworth itself: are there any streets in particular you like, bits to avoid and what do you really love (or hate!) about Isleworth?
We have friends there already and love what we've seen, but not seen much, so far.
Planning to aim for The Green School for secondary btw.

Thank you all flowers

JWF82 Sat 10-Sep-16 10:43:30


Casbotsproudmum Tue 01-Nov-16 07:52:03

I don't live in Isleworth but further east but saveoursouls: my daughter goes to the Green School for Girls and loves it: great school and teaching and we could not be happier with the decision to send her there.

yasmine111 Sun 11-Dec-16 00:11:53

We are planning to move to isleworth aswell. One thing that worries me are the primary schools. The catchment areas for the popular schools are ~300m. It's either that or schools that are undersubscribed/2500m catchment. Warning bells starts to ring! What do you guys think????

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