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Kids' shoe shop

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parched Sat 02-Jun-12 20:00:13

Coming to IoW on hols next week and wondered if there are any good shoe shops for kids? All I've got in my hometown is a Clarks which has 2 pairs of summer shoes for boy toddlers - rubbish!

Idlegirl83 Sun 03-Jun-12 11:25:21

Pretty much the same here! There's a Clarks in Newport and I've heard mixed reviews about their stock - some people say they're good and others (with not so usual sizes) say they're a bit poor! There's also a Brantano just around the corner which stocks Clarks shoes. There's also a Stead and Simpson but not sure what they're kids shoe range is like. Used to have a Russell and Bromley in Ryde when I was little but that went years ago (me and my sister had ridiculous skinny long feet!) x

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