Notting Hill a good place to live?

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ParisToLondonMamon Sat 20-May-17 11:14:32

Hello all, I'm making a big move from paris to London next month and am looking at properties for me and my 'DD' as people here seem to call it.

We have seen a flat in Belgravia which we absolutely loved, but the area seemed a little bit pricey and soulless, as well as a semi on Clarendon Road in Notting Hill.

Personally I'm swinging towards the luxury of a real garden and my own front door (We never had either in Paris) but reading about NH I see theres the carnival which apparently has gotten a bit raucous these days. I remember going to carnival on my second trip to London back in the 90's and it seemed like a street party, but i'm reading about stabbings and drugs all over the place nowadays...

Don't get me wrong, I come from Paris, there's probably someone in my building selling drugs, but I am concerned by the images I see of boarded up houses and damage to property. The estate agent just said it was like a street parade (does he think i'm thick??) but now i'm just not sure if it's the right place to live... Any locals able to help me out?

Ps. excuse my English, and please don't recommend looking at houses in South Kensington...

mumandhome Wed 31-May-17 09:57:32

Hi, Notting Hill is great! It is very central and green (Kensington Gardens and Holland Park) the transport is fantastic, you can stay local if you want to go out for dinner, cinema, shopping, art galleries. My office was few minutes walk from the tube station, and I used to live in Little Venice, north of Notting Hill and I totally loved it. Once a year there is the carnival, I have a friend that lives in a house just where the parade passes, yes at the end of the day people get drunk but there are lots of policemen around and it is only once a year. He has never had any issues.

You could also consider living in Little Venice, Hampstead, Belzise Park, they are more residential, but all very close to underground stations, green areas with lots of things going on.

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