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mother and baby groups

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papasruby Wed 20-Jun-07 11:11:44

Can anyone tell me about any good mother and baby grouops in North Leeds specifically Headingley, Meanwood or Morrtwn. I am a new mum with a 3 week old girl and would like to meet new mums. Please can you recommend any that are not breastfeeding clinics.

MaeBee Wed 20-Jun-07 16:03:41

im in leeds, in harehills, and go to baby groups all the time. i generally go to chapeltown surestart stuff - its free, lots of different things, and really mixed bunch.
go to to see whats on at the family centre. its unbelieveably friendly and relaxed there.
chapeltown might be a bit far for you? i imagine headingley wont be a surestart area, so you might just have the paying groups there?

and btw, the babycafe i go to, whilst it is for breastfeeding support, i know plenty of mums who arent breastfeeding who go there and its okay! its just if you need help breastfeeding there are health visitors and NCT advisors on hand to help, but mostly its mums sitting around chatting. i go to the friday morning one in chapeltown. if you wanted to meet up if you're feeling nervous, i could meet you there? my baby's a whopping 8.5 months now, but i first went when he was 3 weeks. it can get a bit crowded and hectic on the friday group though,especially after 11.30ish. wed afternoon has a bumps and babies group which is much smaller and manageable.

bunsen Thu 28-Jun-07 21:03:48

Hi, I am in Headingley, doesn't seem to be loads to do, I did go to the Baby Massage at the Kirkstall Health Centre on Morris Lane a few times, but it wasn't that friendly. I was told that there is a post natal drop in session on Mondays at the same place, which is 1 - 3, it has classes on how to look after your baby, you know, bath times and weaning tips. I didn't go as my partner had that day off. Starbucks recently held a reusable nappy group. Thats all I know of. Would like to go to a mother and baby group, but on a Thursday or Friday. If you hear of any, let me know too!

Cleodiamond Thu 05-Jul-07 15:41:56

Hi ! Apparently there's a baby and toddler group at St Matthews church on Mondays 9.15-11am (just off Harrogate Road). Might give it a try with my 6 month old.

daisyandbabybootoo Mon 09-Jul-07 13:32:03

there is a first mums group at meanwood health centre on a monday afternoon, but i don't know whether its just for mums who are registered there.

the church at the traffic lights just up from headingly stadium has a good group...not sure of days/waiting lists etc.

there are always nct coffee mornings going on...details from their website.

i went to the baby cafe at moortown baptist church on King Lane last thursday (my DD is 5weeks tomorrow), and while most of the mums seemed to be BF, there were a couple of women who were FF. its thursdays from 1-2:30, and there should be details in your red book. you could always call and ask if you are FF whether its ok to come along.

i'm quite new in leeds too,and am keen to meet more mums, so if you fancy a meet-up let me know!

minno Mon 16-Jul-07 10:01:06

hi, i have moved 2 Guiseley earlier this year & have been taking my 11mnth son to a playgroup at the methodist church here which is good but it would b nice 2 do some other activities as well as he is v active & sociable baby. Any ideas? am finding it quite difficult to make friends up here, still dont really know anyone. cheers!

GwenofLeeds Tue 17-Jul-07 07:52:23

i know all the mums n tots groups are about to stop for 6wks over the summer, but i have found a really useful website that tells you your nearest groups. its from the leeds city council called the family hub..

www dot thefamilyhubleeds dot org forward slash fhl forward slash hp dot html hope that makes sense...

pitstop Mon 27-Aug-07 09:50:42

I'm in leeds for a few months and would love to meet up with other mums and babies!! for my sanity at the very least!! i have a 7 month old and am based in kirkstall, if anyone knows of any baby groups or classes they can recommend I'd be sooo pleased!

Donk Sat 08-Sep-07 20:11:14

There is steiner group which run a playgroup - currently at the Quaker Meeting House on Street Lane. Can't remember which morning 'tho'

nickigreen Sun 09-Sep-07 22:06:54

hi i would ike to go to a mum and baby group in guiseley any one know any good ones

MaeBee Thu 13-Sep-07 15:50:41

the steiner baby and toddler group is wednesday morning, friday morning at street lane, or friday afternoon. ive put details about it somewhere on this Leeds Local website.
pitstop - don't know about kirkstall that a surestart area? if so there will be free baby groups there. but there is another thread about kirkstall/horsforth area for mothers to meet and eat, so maybe hook up and share info with the original poster from there?
the swimming pool at kirkstall is recommended for baby swimming btw.

nickigreen Thu 20-Sep-07 13:36:55

minno do you still go to guiseley mums and tots what day and what time please

nickigreen Thu 20-Sep-07 13:43:26

any nice mums and tots in guiseley or horsforth for my one year old please

mistlethrush Wed 17-Oct-07 15:05:44

Pitstop - NCT north Headingley group meets relatively close and some members (inc organiser) from your area - Friday am 10.30 - 12 approx. If I remember rightly there are things on for mums and babies at the Kirkstall Health Centre. Beesharp music in Headingley St Michaels church hall Friday ams. Tumbletots or something like that in the church opposite Somerfield (Arndale Centre) in Headingley - not sure when.

LornaM Fri 02-Nov-07 13:40:41

Hi, I'm moving to North Leeds from Scotland soon and wondered if anyone could recommend groups which are good for meeting people. I have a 1 year old son and I'm a bit nervous about feeling isolated. When we were down looking for a house we went to Crazy Tykes near wetherby - it was fun!

MaeBee Tue 06-Nov-07 16:18:11

lornam - whereabouts in North Leeds? im in harehills/chapeltown area, and can recommend baby groups, also know of some in chapel allerton and moortown.
my boy is 1 too! don't worry, you certainly won't feel isolated, we go to a group every morning!

LornaM Tue 13-Nov-07 10:08:20

Thanks MaeBee, I'm sure once we are settled we will find lots of things to do. We havent found a house yet, but have been looking in all those areas, Roundhay, Meanwood and also up in Guiseley. Once we find a house, hopeful in the next few weeks, I will get in touch and see if you can give me some tips about good groups for energetic little boys!

barbara3 Mon 19-Nov-07 18:43:18

Anyone go to any good groups in roundhay way??

DaisyNightingale Tue 27-Nov-07 12:04:32

There seem to be a few mums in the N leeds area. Does anyone fancy a meet up? I'm sort of meanwood/moortown way.

My DD is 6 months and I've never really got gpoing with anything on a regular basis, but DD is at an age where she needs to socialise.

MaeBee Thu 29-Nov-07 14:00:37

daisy - whereabouts in north leeds are you?
there are some in chapel allerton, i think every morning and every afternoon.
we go to:
play and stay (choto moni bankside primary, harehills) tues 10 - 12.
jabadao (harehills baptist church) weds 10 - 11.30
rhyme time sign time (choto moni, bankside primary)thurs 10 - 11
these are free/ 50p donation.
on fridays i go to a Steiner toddler group up on Street Lane. these aren't drop in and cost about £30 a term.
let me know if you want to go to any of these and i'll look out for you!

DaisyNightingale Thu 29-Nov-07 22:31:06

maebee Im up the hill from meanwood a bit....

I've been to the sure start centre in Chapeltown, bbut only to the Friday morning baby cafe.

DD is only six months (just), is that old enough for stay and play?

We really need to get out more. she is such a sociable wee baby and loves other people.

I'll try and make it to rhyme time on Tuesday.....I'm scottish so my accent can't be missed smile

DaisyNightingale Thu 29-Nov-07 22:32:06

durr.... next thursday!

MaeBee Fri 30-Nov-07 09:12:19

see you on thurs! my boy is called Orin, and you can't miss him either!

DaisyNightingale Fri 30-Nov-07 09:31:19


mistlethrush Wed 05-Dec-07 09:14:48

Daisy - the Far Headingley NCT group would also be within reach - £2 per 3 months (!) - roving location at people's houses. I love it although we're going to BSharp in Headingley (music) on a Friday morning at the moment and its at the same time, so I can only make holidays normally.

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