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Newbie from Hinckley

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debcraze4 Tue 05-Jul-11 15:56:29

I am looking to meet up with fellow mums from Hinckley or the surrounding areas. I have a little boy he is over a month old. I am interested in meeting new people or if anyone can recommend a good local parent and baby group.


Deb smile

trustissues75 Wed 01-Feb-12 10:30:09

Hi Deb

I'm going to be moving to Earl Shilton in July. My little guy is 7. Hope you've settled in well there. What's it like?

lubeybooby Wed 01-Feb-12 10:35:49

Hi, I'm in Hinckley. I have a teen though so no idea about mum and baby groups etc, just wanted to wave hello!

Squitch Mon 06-Feb-12 16:51:38

Hi, I'm in Hinckley too, my dd is a bit old now too, but I think quite a lot of the surestart centres run good groups - there's also wriggly readers at the library

Mummydyb Thu 26-Apr-12 21:37:38

Hey Guys, im from hinckley too... im not due till 28th May though!
I went to baby begginings today for the first time, its ran by Lucy Dolly and was supprised that i quite enjoyed it smile


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