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Nurserys in leics city

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Stace2011 Mon 12-Mar-12 22:32:24


My little one will be 10 mths when I go back work and I want to make sure shes in a good nursery. Can anyone recommend one in Leics city centre or near Aylestone.


HushLittleBaby Mon 12-Mar-12 22:49:12

Hi stace

St George's seems popular but I don't have any experience.

pipsqueak Mon 12-Mar-12 22:57:42

used blossoms on stoneyate ave when dd little and liked it - was 8yrs ago though

nizlopi Wed 11-Apr-12 19:37:53

St Georges is really nice, I sent my son there for a year and was really happy with them.

Bumdrop Sat 28-Apr-12 14:21:35

The Montessori nurseries in leics are great.

mumof2dsdd Thu 03-May-12 11:24:57

my dd goes to stanhope on regents road. she loves it there and all the staff are wonderful. They have a lovely garden to play in outside and it is very safe. They take them from babies right up to school age.

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