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Does Ryder & Sparks Prime Corporation give opportunities to the youth?

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lynlaws02 Sat 04-Mar-17 02:39:57

Reading a Ryder & Sparks Prime Corporation review makes me question myself if they are also capable of giving opportunities to the youth especially to those who are needy?

charlie0825 Tue 14-Mar-17 09:47:18

Yes, and what's more interesting is that since their foundation, it is already included in their mission to give meaningful employment and develop opportunities to the youth that belongs to the underprivileged sector of the society. It appears to be a kind organization.

veramisa10 Mon 20-Mar-17 03:23:04

It seems that they are because as said in the earlier post, it is already included in their mission since their beginnings and I believe that the company will continue to provide necessary education and training to those people. It also looked like the company is showing its employees the value of good citizenship in doing their work.

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