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Any Mum and baby groups in lewisham?

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Ope Mon 25-Jan-10 15:49:51

Hello, I have an 8 week old baby girl and would like to meet local Mums to share experiences with. Anyone know of any?

MumProf Mon 08-Feb-10 10:31:00

Hi there

I'm overdue waiting for my first baby and would also love to meet other local mums and mums-to-be as I've just moved to the area.

Anyone out there?

Janegold Fri 12-Feb-10 13:51:53

Hi there
I don't know of any groups but am on here to see if I can find any or any new mums in the local area.
I have a 7 week old baby boy and live in Honor Oak, would love to meet other local mums. Let me know if you are interested to meet up or anyone know of other mums / groups in local area!


Botbot Fri 12-Feb-10 13:57:32

I know the NCT have a local branch and hold lots of coffee mornings. More details at:

Janegold Fri 12-Feb-10 14:20:32

thanks very much that's really helpful

JT100 Fri 26-Feb-10 23:42:15

Yes if you live in Honor Oak you can get involved in Lewisham NCT branch - Forest Hill area. Contact the Forest Hill New Parents supporters on
They hold regular tea groups for new mums.

Also there are lists of local activities for babies and toddlers on the website.

Lewisham NCT also covers Blackheath Village, Brockley, Catford, Forest Hill, Lee and Hither Green, Lewisham and Ladywell, and New Cross & Deptford and there are Reps for each area who organise coffee mornings and events.

cjn27b Sun 28-Feb-10 19:57:52

I'm moving to Brockley in early may, and by then will have a 18 month old boy and 4 week old boy (well that's what they've said, but lets wait and see!).

Would love to meet other mums in the area.

Tania3 Mon 01-Mar-10 11:32:19

I have two boys, a 6 year old and a 6 week old. Would love to meet any mums for coffee in Hither Green or Catford area.

sausagerolemodel Mon 01-Mar-10 12:08:43

Honor Oak have a lovely little weekly group for little babies and there's also an email list by Jess Elmore to keep you updated on what's happening. Remove the spaces and email to be added.

jesselmore @ gmail. com

Sallyre Sat 06-Mar-10 08:26:20

Hi girls - your Tsarina here - I'm not often on here. There are TONS of activities in the area - a great place to start is the Limelight Children's Centre in Castillon Road - lots of groups and classes for children from baby age to preschool - baby massage, messy play, cooking and I teach the music classes there. Sprouts is the Baby Group for under 1's and it's a wonderful way to meet people. They also run a Dad's group.
More info here

Nux Sun 07-Mar-10 10:39:40

Hi All, as well as lots of NCT open houses etc there are LOADS of things going on around here for mums and babies. Off the top of my head

Brockley Primary School (Dalrymple Road) has a SureStart centre attached with regular baby gyms etc, there is also one of these in the park in Friendly Gardens (Friendly St off Lewisham Way)

Heuristic Play at the Ladywell Children's Centre on Chudleigh Road - once a month but I'm sure they have other things too

Baby Sensory - you have to pay but it's great fun, held in St Peter's Church on Wickham, Tuesdays and I think also Fridays now

Fitness For Mummies - again paid but I really recommend this, Vicky the teacher is brilliant, a very friendly group where you do aerobics and the babies watch! Wednesdays at the Honor Oak Scout Hut

The Honor Oak Pub does something called Baba Latte which is very popular, haven't been but supposed to be a good place to meet other Mums, Wed mornings

Power Pramming - in Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields and Manor House Gardens

Swimming with Born to Swim at Deptford pool - my baby loves this and the teacher is excellent

Crofton Park Library songs, 11 on Fridays, free

Hope that helps!

Sallyre Wed 10-Mar-10 12:22:57

I think Baba Latte might not be on anymore at the Honor Oak - worth calling them first to check.....

Swordfishtrombones Wed 10-Mar-10 12:40:12

I think all the libraries in Lewisham run under 5s story time which is free. I know Forest Hill does.

I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill! It's practically compulsory to have a pram with you. They have loads of things for under 5s during the week - storytimes etc. Weekends tend to be for older children - mask-making, hands on workshops, textiles, arts and crafts etc. It has an excellent cafe which is full of mums with babies (lots of breastfeeding going on) and once the weather improves the grounds are gorgeous for picnics and playing. They even have some goats and ducks.

There is a church hall on Malham Rd that runs a playgroup for under 5s - I think it's called Happy Toods or something strange like that! If you are on the Dulwich side then the East Dulwich Tavern runs a mum and baby afternoon with CBeebies on the big screen and teas and coffees for the mums.

Also the Bridge Leisure Centre in Sydenham has baby swimming groups.

ChloeL Mon 11-Jun-12 20:13:58

Hi ladies,

Why not pop down to the newly refurbished Lord Northbrook in Lee? We serve lunch 12 - 3pm on weekdays, serve freshly ground coffee and are child friendly. We're are soon opening our new garden area too which makes it the perfect meeting place!

BoostUK Fri 03-Aug-12 13:29:57

'Boost' have been comissioned by the NHS lewisham to run FREE baby and toddler groups within the borough. The sessions are fun, free and interactive exploring healthy eating and physical exercise for both parent and child. If you are interested in coming along to these sesssion please call us on: 0208 323 1725 for more information.

Debbie09092016 Fri 11-Nov-16 22:59:47

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any parent and todder/baby groups for me and my son. He's 9months

Bah26 Thu 26-Jan-17 07:44:49

Just need some help

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