Easter hols meetup, anyone?

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NinthWave Mon 12-Mar-12 10:37:12

Would anyone be up for a daytime meetup in a park somewhere in Manchester this Easter holiday? I'm thinking somewhere with an enclosed playground/lots of space for picnics. Any takers? And any ideas about location?

I've got two boys, 4.7 and 17 months. They're lovely and will play with anyone, though the older one might insist his name is Batman grin

inmysparetime Sun 08-Apr-12 12:22:38

My DCs are big fans of MSIM so whatever's the consensus we'll just turn up.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 08-Apr-12 19:03:03

going to have to send my apologies, I'm afraid - we've been three-line-whipped into attending FIL's birthday lunch on Friday. Have fun y'all smile

NinthWave Mon 09-Apr-12 16:03:16

<looks out of window, checks five day forecast>

MOSI it is, I think! There's a place to eat a picnic lunch in the Aerospace gallery, a few of us are bringing cakes smile

inmysparetime Tue 10-Apr-12 13:29:59

Did someone say cake? <cackles mischievously> See you Fridaygrin
My DS could be persuaded to bake for England a little something...

inmysparetime Thu 12-Apr-12 07:23:45

So, weather looks not too bad, but not warmsad
Is the consensus MOSI then?
The foyer is quite open, we could meet near the welcome desk.
DS will make cake (he doesn't really need much of an excuse).

TheOneWithTheHair Thu 12-Apr-12 09:00:57

Everyone is meeting about 11 Inmysparetime. Was going to come over later and let you know because you aren't on fb. Will check to make sure you get this. smile

inmysparetime Thu 12-Apr-12 09:28:02

I'm in all day as I'm having my new door fitted as we speak. Is it picnics all round or the cafe for lunch tomorrow?

TheOneWithTheHair Thu 12-Apr-12 10:08:03

Picnics I think.

MiseryPlop Thu 12-Apr-12 14:38:47

There's a big picnic space with tables/chairs/highchairs in the Aerospace gallery opposite the main building, should be plenty of room to -stuff ourselves with delicious cake eat a picnic there smile

MiseryPlop Thu 12-Apr-12 14:41:44

(Tis NinthWave in disguise, BTW!) See you tomorrow grin

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