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Childrens birthday party venue

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mum22crazyboys Sat 12-Jan-13 16:13:19


I have not been in MK very long and I am looking a for a good venue for my DS 5th birthday in May. Ideally it would do all the food and have soft play or something. I have heard that lots of the farms are good for this type of thing. So.... any ideas and suggestions would be great please thanks

cupcakekid Sat 12-Jan-13 22:15:13


We have a party section which has some venues in it on our site, I've attached the link for you.

If it's soft play you want it's 360play in Knowlhill. They have different packages and I think they do them everyday aswell. If it's a farm you want there is Mead Open Farm in Bedfordshire (look on our local Bedfordshire site, it's on there) or there is also Gullivers and Eco Park just opposite Willen Lake, I know Gullivers do food and also have a soft play area but I'm not sure on Eco Park, link is below:

Wherever you decide to go don't forget to pop a review in our listings, it might help someone else! Hope the above helps.

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