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If you want a long and healthy life,

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streamtv Mon 12-Sep-16 09:54:14

Take the 'Metabolic Health Test' today

Until now only available in the USA but now available to everybody throughout the world from IAM-POWER!

The Metabolic Health Test Could Save Your Life

The health test will not only highlight current medical conditions but also those your health professionals may not have not detected. The test will also project future medical conditions waiting to happen such as a pending stroke, heart attack, cancer or any other serious condition

James B. LaValle, RPh, CCN, ND, the author of 16 e books and 20 books including the most recently released, ‘Your Blood Never Lies’ has been involved in natural medicine for over twenty years and trains thousands of physicians each year

Known as "America's Pharmacist" he is a nationally recognised figure in the field of natural therapeutics. James has developed a powerful programme that assesses an individual’s health and assigns the nutrients and diet required for optimal health. The test is called the “Metabolic Health Test” and is used by physicians throughout North America who charge up to $800. James has now teamed up with IAM-POWER to bring this amazing test to everybody at a price everyone can easily afford

Find out more about the Metabolic Health Test

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