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The Continental, Preston

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dmo Fri 01-Apr-11 09:15:55

Bigging up The Continental

went last night for dinner with my children and the food was wonderful no frozen rubbish proper home cooked food it was very enjoyable smile

ceebeegeebies Fri 01-Apr-11 09:17:21

Whereabouts is it? The name rings a bell but can't quite place it smile

ButterpieandCheese Fri 01-Apr-11 09:22:16

It's the other side of Avenham Park. To get there by car from town centre, drive down fishergate hill with the county hall to your right, then you turn left, but I always take the wrong left turning, lol. You go past the big fancy temple to get there, if that is any help.

I can second it being brill. The only problem is, it's a bit hard to get to, but in the summer, the beer garden is brill - easily the best in Preston, and full of kids. They have arty events on too, and good beer, AND nice non-alcoholic drinks, which is a rarity.

dmo Fri 01-Apr-11 09:30:05

nice place to go for a meal and then a little walk on to the park

omnomnomtom Tue 12-Apr-11 10:56:48

Another fan of the conti here- very family friendly place. Ceebeegeebies it's near the Gugarati centre

omnomnomtom Tue 12-Apr-11 10:57:49

Another fan of the conti here- very family friendly place. Ceebeegeebies it's near the Gujarati centre

WaftyCrank Mon 25-Jul-11 18:41:03

My landlord and nextdoor neighbour owns the Conti, great place smile

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