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New to Dublin and a bit of a Billy-No-Mates if I'm honest [hmm]

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brightongal Thu 15-Jul-10 15:32:09

My DH, 2yo LO (Caitlin) and I moved from the UK to Dublin in April, and we've now settled in Blackrock, south of the city.

I gave up a job that I loved to become a full-time mum. Of course, I love my little girl to bits but, at risk of sounding totally naive, didn't realise just how hard it would be! Also, how in heaven's name am I going to make friends now we're here?!

Caitlin's just started going to playgroup for two mornings a week but, it being the summer hols, there aren't many other children there at the moment, and all the other parents/nannies dropping off or collecting little ones seem to be in such a rush.

I hate to look desperate to meet people - it's like the first day at a new school all over again...!

Any suggestions? Or maybe people here could just commiserate with me over my total ineptness with the rest of the human race grin

Lucylugs Thu 15-Jul-10 16:01:56

Hi Brightongal,
I feel for you moving to a new country with a little one. Hopefully as she gets a bit older she will start on the playdates and you could get to know some of the other Mums that way.
Maybe you could check if there are any Mum's and Toddlers groups in your area? The local Community Centre would often hold them along with lots of other activities.
Also the local library have lots of good kids activities and maybe you'd like to volunteer with a local charity while she is in playgroup.
Also there are lots of charities who have national coffee mornings or bake a cake day things like that you could get involved in. The weekend of 24/25th July is 'Know Your Neighbour Weekend' you can join up or organise something yourself. Just a few suggestions to keep you thinking!
Best of luck

brightongal Thu 15-Jul-10 16:05:45

Thanks for the suggestions - all good ones, and I know I need to just get off my big behind and sort it out! Not used to being proactive at meeting people - all my friends at home are through school/college/work, so it's like starting from scratch...

If I could only tear myself away from the sofa and my Macbook - that's my BFF at the moment, ha ha smile

EmmyVonN Sat 24-Jul-10 21:44:10

Brightongal, I did the same just over a year ago. It is starting from scratch.

It was very difficult at first and I struggled through last summer. I also found it really difficult to become the primary caregiver after having worked for some years at a very good job. I made myself get out there: toddler groups, gymoboree, storytelling etc. I just developed a thick skin and kept putting myself out even when people were unfriendly and cliquey. Summer was especially difficult as most things are suspended until September. I found people quite friendly in parks - remember, there are many other women (and some men) who are looking to connect with other SAHM/Ds.

A year later, and I've made some very good friends, feel much more at home here. We're in Galway, otherwise I would have you over for tea and a playdate with my 2 year old DS.

How are you getting on? Let me know if there are any practical tips you might need.

louii Sat 24-Jul-10 21:53:16

Hiya, join magicmum it's an Irish parenting site, loads of meet ups, there are def girls from blackrock and surrounding areas.
Good luck.

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