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Off to Ireland next month - need advice

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RosaLuxembourg Mon 02-Jul-07 11:45:37

First of all we have one day in Dublin
Am taking the children to see the book of Kells as DD2 is strangely obsessed with it and I want them to see where I went to university. What else is good for kids in Dublin - I lived there in my twenties but haven't spent much time there with kids and I'm sure there is all sorts of new stuff that I don't know about.

Secondly. Anyone been to Fota Wildlife Park. Any good? Also the 1798 exhibition place in New Ross.

Thanking you all most kindly.

potoftea Mon 02-Jul-07 13:29:11

Not too sure what kids would like in Dublin, but I know those open-top buses that do the sight-seeing tours are good. You can get on and off as you want, and see the sights with a commentary.
Foto Wildlife is good. A lot of school tours go there as well as being very popular with families. There is a lot of walking involved, so wear comfortable shoes!
There is a cafe in there, but we've often brought our own picnic and drinks, if we didn't want to either spend a fortune, or had fussy eaters with us.
If you are heading to New Ross I guess you are going via Waterford, and I would recommend a visit to the Waterford Crystal factory. They do tours of the factory that suit families, are situated on the main Waterford/Cork road, have a big car park, and gift shop/cafe/toilets, so a good place to take a break.

KerryMum Tue 03-Jul-07 10:50:47

Well, if you've been to other wildlife parks in other parts of the world that are excellent then FOTA is pretty lame but if you're dcs have never been to one before then they'll love it!

Bring lunch though as the cafe has gone down in quality big time and I don't even think they serve proper food anymore - just packaged stuff.

Unfortuately not that familiar with Dublin.

I am under the distinct impression that there just isn't much in the ENTIRE country for kids to do. Does anyone share this opinion?

No museums, science or otherwise, no theme park, no planetarium - unless you want to treck to Antrim.

potoftea Tue 03-Jul-07 13:29:02

Kerry I agree with you about there being nothing for families to do in Ireland.
I would love to holiday here as I am not into sun-holidays, and would be happy to stay here if the weather was half decent.

But there is really feck all to do.

Even the campsites are boasting about playgrounds which are a few swings, a slide, and maybe a climbing frame. Compared to other countries there is really nothing once they are over the age of 7 or 8.

We do bring the kids to all the historical sites, and want them to know their own country, but really you can't blame people for holidaying abroad every year.

RosaLuxembourg Tue 04-Sep-07 21:58:23

Well the big hit of the holiday with DD1 was Dublin Castle!!
DD2 liked the Book of Kells.
DD3 liked moaning and whinging and asking when we were going home.

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