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Calling all mums in North-West Ireland

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LornaG Sat 28-Jul-07 10:50:49

I left a similar message on the main site message board but hoped I might find a mum or 2 up my way on the local site.

Iryna Fri 07-Sep-07 18:15:44

Hello! I live in Drogheda and I have 4 year old boy. I am looking forward to meet local mums.

PinkTulips Thu 24-Apr-08 10:30:46

Lorna, i'm on the mayo roscommon border, where abouts are you?

lol, just noticed this message was left on my ds's birthday last year grin

hope you're still about

LornaG Wed 07-May-08 15:19:52

Yes still here. Sligo/Roscommon/Leitrim border. Sorry Iryna, I haven't looked here for a while - 19-mth-olds will do that to you.

reallyannoyednow Wed 06-Aug-08 10:46:57

Ahem! here I am, in Clare only 2 months later!

galwaygal Thu 11-Sep-08 12:30:12

I am on the Mayo/Galway border.I have 2 ds's of 5years and one of 5 months and a dd of nearly 4.

I wonder how long before we can really get chatting here? Seems we each keep forgetting to check here!!!

LornaG Fri 10-Oct-08 12:03:31

Well this time I'm only a month after the last entry . Have a crappy old PC (windows 98!) which currently lives in the same room as dd (2yrs) so unable to access at night, and dd always turns it off when awake and with me. Anyone any advice on a decent CHEAP PC/laptop? (Are desktops even used these days?)

PinkTulips Thu 02-Apr-09 10:37:07

you'd never know i was the tsarina for this board would you blush

might be easier if i just give ye my email addy and we sort something out? i'm driving now so can meet either of ye halfway between us... or we could all meet together in castlebar or somewhere?

anyway, email me at;

dee _ pinktulips AT hotmail DOT com


sobloodystupid Thu 07-May-09 16:09:25

hallo there. It's reallyannoyednow btw. Glad to see we're all trying to stay in touch lol. I'm battening down the hatches in Clare ...

PinkTulips Thu 07-May-09 23:20:39

good god, we're on the board at the same time! (well, same day, but it's a start!)

<<<<<checks to see if venus and mars have coincided in neptunes arse>>>>>>>


how's things, we're being blown away here too.... fence panels are drifting across my garden.

sobloodystupid Fri 08-May-09 12:57:14

How are ya keepin?grin trying to find out what I missed with regard to HedgeWitch's posts that are causing such mayhem on another thread... Can I ask if anyone has the name of good eco websites based in Ireland. Someone recommended ecotopia (does huge tubs of handsoap and household stuff, beauty etc) but what with delivery costs etc ... ya know yerself.

PinkTulips Fri 08-May-09 14:44:33

which thread is that? i miss all the best bits!

no idea about websites but some of the health shops are very good, reasonably priced and will order stuff in especially for you.

sobloodystupid Fri 08-May-09 20:21:58

It was on site stuff, which I have never looked up before thinking it was for geeks and people who are anal about stuff! Apologies to all as clearly my name is well deserved. Ehe thread was summat about child protection and SS needing to get involved. I always come on the scene waay too late.

PinkTulips Fri 08-May-09 21:36:31

i saw the origional thread, she told everyone that he hits her 2 year old around the head, told her he understands why people snap and bash their heads against walls and other vile stuff and she expected sympathy. when she got a lot of people telling her he was abusing her child she went on the 'but he was nice to me when i was pregnant' rant... happening to remind us all that right before she got preg he had thrown her son accross the room into a couch and she'd come on here and gotton the same response.

i stopped reading at that point, she made me sick last time with her pathetic attitude and i couldn't face reading the horror story unfold. she expects people to listen to her cry about her nasty husband hurting their son, give her sympathy and friendly noises and then carry on as if she hasn't told a few hundred people he's abusing their child and she can't be bothered stopping him hmm

sobloodystupid Fri 08-May-09 23:05:49

Farkin hell as they say across the water! Ringing vague bells with me...

PinkTulips Sat 09-May-09 11:43:51

yeah, depressing.

also depressing is the fact that was holding off buying new shoes for dd as i'm convinced she's due a growth spurt and she has a party today and all 3 pairs of shoes she owns are tattered and falling to pieces blush

don't have the cash to run in and buy her a new pair today so she's going to have to wear them blushblush

sobloodystupid Sat 09-May-09 21:01:01

I hear ya sister! My dd was used, pre -recession, to getting 2 pairs of Clarks shoes at a time(she is just 3 this week)[blush}. I have realised the utter insanity of this, as she wore her shoes for about a month then had to get new. Now she has a little brother things have changed utterly in the Stupid household. Needless to say she will be in Dunnes stuff for a long time...

PinkTulips Sat 09-May-09 21:15:51


i'm tight so have never bought clarks shoes for the kids, partly because dd was barely walking when ds1 was born so we hit the recession early in our household wink

have discovered that next shoes are by far the absolute best value for money, practically indestructable even by dd and not too pricey

sobloodystupid Sun 10-May-09 20:46:00

thanks for the tip PT. Weather glorious here today, walked 4 miles today...

suiledonn Sun 10-May-09 21:03:51

Hi, all you Irish Mumsnetters. I'm in Tipp so not really the area you were looking for but I saw a post from a Clare woman so I guess it's not too strict.

sobloodystupid My dd1 was three this week too, on the 6th. grin

PinkTulips Sun 10-May-09 21:16:18

dp is a tipp man suiledonn grin

my ds1 is 3 in july... still can't quite believe he's that old already, come september i'm going to have dd in primary, him in playschool and lovely snuggly ds2 is going to be spoilt rotten at home with me all day wink

suiledonn Sun 10-May-09 21:25:23

I have a 6 month old dd2. Looking forward to some alone time with her when DD1 goes to playschool in Sept. too. She can be a bit of a handful (aren't they all?)

Where in Tipp is your dp from if you don't mind revealing?

PinkTulips Sun 10-May-09 21:52:15

carrick on suir smile

we have a cahir man in the house tonight too, an old friend of ours is visiting.

i found playschool make the world of differance to dd, she's so tired when she gets in she's much calmer and happier to play quiet games

suiledonn Sun 10-May-09 22:28:20

My dh works in Cahir. Don't know Carrick at all though. We are further north in the county.

I'm hoping playschool will be good for her. She doesn't sleep well or eat well and has very strong opinions about EVERYTHING. It wears me out.

PinkTulips Sun 10-May-09 22:34:49

sounds a bit like my dd, she settled alot from the age of 3-4, she still causes war with ds1 but on her own she's a lovely little girl hmmgrin

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