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I'm Back!!!!

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PinkTulips Thu 03-Apr-08 14:00:33

did anyone miss me?

did anyone even notice i've been gone, lol?

thank fuck for O2 mobile broadband girls, i've been trying for 9 months to get internet out here in the boglands with no luck.... i didn't realise what an addict i was til i didn't have it!!!

jamescagney Tue 22-Apr-08 20:42:45

I hear ya! only able to get online thanks to it...

mamalovesmojitos Wed 23-Apr-08 22:14:49

hi ppl. newbie here <<waves hi>>. this section seems to be a bit quiet but i'll introduce myself anyway just in case.

not sure if i wanted to identify where i'm from as it's nice to chat away without fear of those from rl reading my every thought!

but decided it would be nice to shout to the locals grin.

PinkTulips Thu 24-Apr-08 10:24:31

mama... didn't realise you were irish when i saw you round the boards.

what provice you in, that's nice and vague!

am in roscommon myself

mamalovesmojitos Thu 24-Apr-08 13:51:27

munster pinktulips! nice, big, vague area there grin. just had a peek at your profile, your dcs look gorge!

i am also 24. have one dd, she's a little angel. talk again soon!

PinkTulips Thu 24-Apr-08 14:04:40

ooh, i lived in cork from when i was 8 til 18... munster rocks grin miss cork loads actually sad

mamalovesmojitos Thu 24-Apr-08 14:05:36

oh my goodness in heavens lord above. i think i recognise your photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mamalovesmojitos Thu 24-Apr-08 14:10:48

i'm fully convinced i know your face. but must dash to the library....(in college, disaster). talk later.

PinkTulips Thu 24-Apr-08 14:23:31

lol, you're doing well if you recognise me from that pic.... don't look quite the same these days grin

GrapefruitMoon Thu 24-Apr-08 20:13:02

Were you really gone for 9 months??? Saw you on thread started by Buda recently and I thought I hadn't seen you around for a while...

(Used to be KTeePee btw)

mamalovesmojitos Thu 24-Apr-08 21:19:28

i know it's a faint pic. but i think i might. i llok very different these days too as a mum....way less eyeliner. way less attitude. grin.

PinkTulips Thu 24-Apr-08 22:10:05

oooo, you do know me!

dee _ pinktulips AT hotmail DOT com grin i need to know!

heya KTeePee GrapefruitMoon, was wondering if you were still about smile yeah, 9 months of torture, had no idea how addicted i was to this place blush

mamalovesmojitos Thu 24-Apr-08 22:21:34

sent you a mail smile

PinkTulips Thu 24-Apr-08 22:30:55


replied, i was half afraid i wouldn't have a clue who you were but i do, lol

mamalovesmojitos Thu 24-Apr-08 22:46:15


mailed you back. wont bother announcing everytime from now on. just check the inbox. so funny!

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