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Looking for Sacred Heart or St James's parents

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Quoda Thu 25-Aug-16 17:55:41

Hi, I'll have 3 kids in these two schools from September (no places for all in one school) - as logistics will be a nightmare (and I'm working full time), I would love somebody to walk them home on their way home (Teddington). Maybe any of you has a nanny that does pickups and we could share?

zhuzhu Sun 28-Aug-16 11:02:36

Sacred Heart has a breakfast club from 7:30am and an after school until 6:30pm if this helps at all.

riverreacher0 Tue 30-Aug-16 20:42:55

Are you sure there is not room at Sacred Heart for all 3? They have spaces in a few years and may be willing to go over numbers to accommodate a Catholic family.

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