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Anyone in Doncaster want to meet up?

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funkymumof4 Wed 23-Jan-08 19:14:07

Hi everyone

I have recently moved to Rossington from Sheffield and I am going crackers now I am a stop at home mum! I have 4 girls aged 8,6,3 and 20 months. If anyone wants to meet up, please let me know.


Tracey x

dundeecake Mon 10-Mar-08 11:15:52

Hi I am Bumping this for you as I live near Doncaster but I work full time mine 2 DS are 13 & 10.

So how are you getting on?

funkymumof4 Fri 14-Mar-08 12:53:27

Hi dundeecake I am fine thanks found out about lots of groups with the kids but haven't been yet!


btpotter Thu 12-Feb-09 21:52:09

hi there im also a mum to four im in thorne, doncaster , i have three girls one 7 one 5 and one 7 1/2 mths and a 4 yr old boy i am also a stay at home mum sounds like we have a bit in common already lol hope to hear from you

isobelsmom Mon 11-Jan-10 13:15:36

Hi Tracey, I am in Balby, I have a 9 yr old Boy and 3 yr old girl! Hope you have settled in now!
Bex x

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