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Harrysbo Thu 27-Jan-11 22:41:17

Hello to everyone out there! smile
Only just joined Mumsnet, the southport discussion section seems a little quiet. I have a little boy 15 months old, any one in area with little one around the same age?
Would be good to make new friends.

littlemissindecisive Wed 02-Feb-11 19:39:19

Have you tried one of the hundred playgroups?? Contact the local NCT - they used to do a magazine that had a 2 page list of baby/toddler activites in that are held every week in town.


rachy82 Thu 10-Feb-11 22:18:56

Hi , I am new to all this! I have a very active 22mth old son and we're looking for any groups to join in this area to keep us busy!! I'm from Ormskirk and there doesnt seem to be any ..unless i'm not looking in the right places! Any help, comments, welcome..thanks!!

Harrysbo Fri 18-Feb-11 21:16:00

When i was on maternity i did go to a number of classes but now im back at work full time and no classes run at weekends so makes it very difficult to socialise with my little boy
Dont understand why there is nothing available at weekends

morsbagmum Mon 07-Mar-11 16:50:15

rachy82 have you contacted Moorgate Childrens Centre in Ormskirk.... I go to a bumps to babes class there but I think it's only until they are walking , my dd is 6.5months.... I'm sure they run activities for older babies to. The library run bounce and rhyme sessions one day in the week, (don't know exact details but i think its a Tuesday).

Let me know if you find anything else as I'm in the Ormskirk area.

Misfitless Mon 07-Mar-11 22:51:14

Hi - sorry to hijack the thread but couldn't resist. morsbagmum I'm in Ormskirk, too! Do you go to any toddler groups with your dd? Would you be interested in meeting up at all?

morsbagmum Wed 09-Mar-11 09:06:58

Hi Misfitless,

We go to a group at Moorgate Childrens Centre on a Tuesday 11.30 -1pm, and baby swimming lessons once a week.
How old is your DC/DCs? I would be interested in meeting up but I'm tied up for the next two weeks as my m-i-l is having an op today and will be providing support post op.
Send me a message if you're interested.

morsbagmum Wed 09-Mar-11 12:19:38

Misfitless I should have said my dd is 6.5 months!No idea where the time has gone!

Misfitless Wed 09-Mar-11 14:21:46

Hi morsbagmum,
Hope mine aren't too old for you - DD 14 (too old, but she still needs a mention!), DS 5 years, DD 3 years and DD 14 months.

Do you go to any other groups?
Would definately like to meet up after your MILs a bit better (hope it goes well, by the way).

Monday and Wednesday mornings are good for me, and on a Friday I'm free all day until 2:30pm ish.
My name's Jacqui!

rachy82 Sun 13-Mar-11 22:40:17

Hi , thanks for reply. Going to go the library this thurs for storytime. Not found much else, well theres ducklings on a Monday morning but I am at work so not able to make it. Might be of intrest to you tho.

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