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finding *me* again!

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formbylolly Sat 19-Nov-11 17:00:07

Hi! Im a mum to a 12 year old girl and a 7 yr old boy from Formby. I have recently noticed that even though I work full time, I have at last got more time for me...instead of running around after them! however, I have lapsed on the friends front and would like to meet other likeminded mums, just for a coffee or a pre xmas shop! Im not crazy about keeping fit and stuff even though i definately should be, so im not into the coffee after gym stuff (!) just looking for some coffee and chat not being hassled by the kids! If you like, leave a comment here...hope you do!

pithtaker Mon 21-Nov-11 21:38:13

message sent smile

MrsGaff Mon 30-Jan-12 20:34:43

Hi Lolly and Pithtaker. I'm 33 years old with an 8 year old boy. I've just changed my hours at work to part time grin and like you Lolly I'm finding that my boy doesn't need or want me as much these days sad so I seem to have quite a bit more free time on my hands - yay! I'm not a big party animal so coffee, eating out, cinema and shopping are more my kind of thing though I do like the odd glass bottle of vino on a Saturday night in front of a good DVD - exciting, I know! Definitely up for coffee and a chat some time.

Lulumama Wed 01-Feb-12 19:53:42

I'd certainly be up for that too... I've got a 12 yr old & a 6 yr & chat always welcome !

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