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Possibly coming back to the UK after time in the USA - school help

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finp06 Tue 03-May-16 19:22:23

We left Reigate in 2014 and may be returning 2017. It has been wonderful to leave the competitiveness of schooling in my home town and my kids are enjoying a more progressive schooling approach - however with a return means school nightmares.
We would be looking to probably come back to a private system but whilst I have one child who is very academic I have one that isn't - on top of that the US curriculum is behind the UK - not least because the kids here start a year later than English kids. I do not want my kids to be thrown back into a crazy academic environment but an all rounded environment.
I don't have to come back to Reigate even though I spent 15 years there as living away has given me the confidence to start again. I do however want to be in driving distance from my Mum and my husband will be working in the City.
So where do I look? My kids will be rising 9 and 11. so going into years 5 and 7.

willowsimp Fri 03-Jun-16 23:33:50

ACS in Cobham may suit you? And not far from Reigate. X

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