Normandy, Surrey

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Elletwelve Fri 19-May-17 08:32:41

Hi, we are looking at a few houses in Normandy moving from claygate. I have a 3 year old and expecting in October and so keen to find somewhere with decent (state) schools and nursery for the littlest one. (I will be going back full time). In claygate we have been spoilt with very active mums groups and loads of stuff for the kids to do. I am hoping to find an area similar. I can't find the same number of mums facebook groups etc so was hoping someone can help!

SmallBee Fri 19-May-17 13:04:27

Hi Elle, we looked briefly at Normandy a few years ago, so it may have changed, but we were told there is a big travellers site nearby which put me off as I have had really bad experience with them in the past. I didn't really look too much into it though so I might be wrong or things may have changed.

Elletwelve Sun 21-May-17 09:36:38

So we are in a real conundrum as we really like one of the houses but worried we will be a bit out on our own. Can anyone help? Alternative is pretty dramatic and moving (back) to the north west of England! Really torn as to whether to make an offer.....

Also can anyone tell me where the kids then go to secondary school. I have seen wykes primary which is hopefully where my daughter would go but not sure where after that..

GU24Mum Sun 21-May-17 15:32:54

I think from there you would either get Kings Guildford or Ash Manor. Kings certainly isn't somewhere you'd move to in order to be in the catchment tbh.......

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