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Calling all Geneva Mumsnetters

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MistyB Mon 17-Jan-11 22:23:46

We are moving to Geneva this year, DH in March and the children and I will follow later. I have a few very cheeky questions...

I'm wondering if you lovely Mumsnetters would keep an eye out for anyone leaving Geneva who might be selling their 7 seater car!!

Also, if you happen to know of any 4/5 bed properties coming up for rent in this period within 30 minutes of the English School in Genthod - rent up to 4,000 CHF.

And, probably more importantly, do any of you have year 2 children at GES? We will be travelling over a few times before we move and it would be really nice for my son to meet someone who will be in his class in September.


MistyB Mon 17-Jan-11 23:31:25

Oh and can anyone recommend a nice hotel for us to stay in on our weekend visits?

MmeLindt Mon 24-Jan-11 23:22:53


I do know of someone leaving who is selling a car, but don't think it is a 7 seater. It is a BMW X5.

Also know of properties, but not in your area of town. But will keep an ear open for anything.

My DC are in local schools, but there are a few in International schools, not sure which one.

One thing I can suggest, is that you look up the American International Women's Club - it is not just Americans but a good mixture and there is bound to be someone from GES there.

We stayed in the Rotary Hotel which is central and decent. The second time we were there, DH's company booked us into the Novotel which was fine, but located in the red light district. Not so good.

Let me know if you need any other advice.

MistyB Fri 28-Jan-11 10:15:35

Thanks MmeLindt - I've been reading your advise to other Mumsnetters on previous threads so your wisdom is much appreciated!!

I've been seeing some lovely properties on your side of the lake but it really does not make sense and we have thought long and hard, hard and long and long and hard again about the school - if only these decisions were straightforward!!! I've also seen a Chateaux with working mill about 74Km from the school which is on my fantasy house list!!

I will call in on the international womens club too - thanks.

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