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How do I go about moving to Switzerland?

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Ummfee Tue 22-Mar-11 09:08:40

Hi everyone, I am a teacher and made an application to a school in Switzerland. I have 2 children and a partner.
I was wondering how you guys have found the transition process with your children. Mine are 10 and 12 so its going to be a big deal for them!

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 22-Mar-11 09:14:17

We left Switzerland a year ago and now live in Belgium. Coincidentally my DH is a teacher and our DD went to his (International) school.
If you get the job, the school should arrange your Auslander ausweiss (sp) for you. I would definitely ask for a relocation agent, the shortage of housing in Zug meant we were only offered one flat. We didn't have any choice at all.
Depending on what your partner does for a living, you may exist on one salary (also dependant on where you are planning to live)
I think you'll need to give more details for more advice.

Ummfee Tue 22-Mar-11 09:30:21

Thanks kreecherlivesupstairs.

The school is the International one in Zug and Luzern! What a coincidence!

My partner works for in IT for a bank in the city of London at the moment. I don't know how he would go about finding work out there but he is a very driven and resourceful man.

My main concern is the transition for my children, its going to be very different to West London!
How can i prepare them for what to expect?

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 22-Mar-11 09:48:24

Have you actually been offered the job? If you have, get your finger out with regard to finding somewhere to live.
Again, if you have been offered the job, contact the school and ask if you can have a class list to enable you to contact some of the children on the list (assuming your DC will attend the school.)

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