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Zurich Schooling

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k75 Sun 11-Mar-12 11:15:56

Anyone here with primary age kids in Zurich schools, local or bilingual? love to hear your experiences.



beresh Tue 27-Mar-12 21:13:47

Hi, have 2 DC's (8 and 5) in local school/kindergarten in canton zurich. The system here's working well for them, they are very happy in school and the teaching and facilities to me seem to be very good.

For me the only downside is the rather random local school hours - they're usually home for lunch and there's only one afternoon that they're both in school. It costs 60CHF per child per day at their school to cover lunch and after school care, 22CHF just for lunch!

Is there anything specific you'd like to know?

swissmaid7 Tue 24-Apr-12 12:15:40

HI there,

Yes I have two children ( 7 and 5) in the local system. The differences are HUGE!!! Really, you can hardly compare it to the UK system and it would take me a long time to write how i find everything. My son who is 7 years old (and would be in Y3 in UK as the youngest boy) he basically plays every morning, though that's incredibly well planned. He has two afternoons a week for reading/writing /numeracy learning and he is in a group of 4 children and so making good progress. The resources, time the teacher has for us, class ratios etc are all fantastic though, parents have different experiences as each school is different.

I work hard with my own children on their reading and spelling in English. That can be hard but this has really helped their German skills. It's amazing having completely bilingual children though that is less likely to happen in a bilingual school unless you are a bilingual family.

My children are home at 11.45 and I feel I have my children still. It seems really weird that my dd would be in school in uk for full days - I don't want to say cruel but I feel she is better off with me and I have always enjoyed being a SAHM though i do work part time now.

I am just popping out so in a rush. There is an incredible amount of information on that will explain more fully any thing else you might wish to know.

Do let me know if there is anything specifically,


Longtalljosie Tue 05-Feb-13 12:10:09

Beresh you mention how much after school care/ lunch is - is that all of your schooling bills or do you pay any more?

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