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Migros do it all have a special offer on boosters at the moment

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kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 15-Mar-10 11:06:51

I was buying some glue for my glue gun (what an exciting life I lead) and saw a rack of basic booster seats with 50% off. they are now 19.95 so, if you need one or a spare, now could be the time to invest.

strudelface Mon 15-Mar-10 11:24:21

Are they the ones with backs on? If not they could be selling them off as the new car seat regs come into effect on the 1 April. Unless the child is 12 or over or 150cm or taller they have to have a booster AND back.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 15-Mar-10 12:48:36

Interesting, I knew that there were new laws, but I didn't know about the back as well. These are just seats, no backs. I suppose I'll have to get my dd a new chair with a back as well. Maybe I won't bother though, I'm not sure about your end of the country, but down here in Zug the police don't seem to be fussed about child seats. I passed a woman yesterday who was a passenger with her year old child on her lap and a fag hanging out of the window.

strudelface Mon 15-Mar-10 17:06:32

Mmmm don't know if police are fussed but I know a lot of parents don't seem to be and I have seen many examples like the one you've described (espeially in the IS car park) which I initially found odd - but it depends where you've come from I guess and the laws there.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 16-Mar-10 08:07:28

It's horrifying isn't it? Our dd had a chair thing with a handle when she was new born, then graduated to a sit in chair with harnesses when she got to the correct weight and now has a booster. In oman where she was born, large families are the norm. The worst thing I saw was a family of about 8 in a saloon with a swaddled baby rolling around on the parcel shelf at the back. Even in Switzerland which is pretty much developed everywhere you still see children bouncing around on the seats without any restraint and the police looking on.

giddybiddy Fri 26-Mar-10 13:41:32

Do even bigger children need boosters with a back? I'm pretty sure that the back on our booster isn't high enough for my ten year old so was just planning the booster...... She is 142cm so really un-impressed that she is having to go back into a car seat and we are struggling fitting them all into the car!!

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 31-Mar-10 12:02:32

From my understanding and the advice given by dd's school, they don't need backs.

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