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2 weeks tomorrow and we will be on our way to Geneva!!!!

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yodelayeeoooo Mon 10-May-10 20:30:45

Haven't had time to be on MN much lately to give an update on the Yodel family move!

DH has already been working in Geneva since late March and I went out to join him a few days before the volcano spewed ash for a house hunting trip (which was thankfully successful!) got stuck and ended up in Geneva for 10 days without my children. Missed them like crazy but got to try out lots of restaurants. Had to take the train back to the UK.

We will spend the first few weeks in a temporary appt near parc bertrand as our lease doesn't start until July.

Since we found the house I've been excited about the move. In a stressed state though at the moment but mainly because our building work/house decoration hasn't finished here in the UK!

Need to stock up on nappies, Calpol, tea and cake supplies before the moving company starts packing. Any thing else I should get?

juststrudel Wed 12-May-10 13:24:34

Congrats where is your new house?

We stayed near Parc Bertrand is it on Rue de L'athenne? If so be warned about having to do your laundry down in the cellar (sorry to put a dampener on it but forewarned is forearmed or something)

Supplies I would bring -

Korma/curry paste
Peppermint tea
more Marmite grin

Hope your move goes well.

yodelayeeoooo Thu 13-May-10 20:34:20

DH is already working in Geneva and the current appt he is in has a spooky basement one that can only be used during a short space of time once a week! I couldn't cope with that for a month so we are moving into another one that I'm told has a washing machine (DS2 is a very messy eater!). Not sure what road the new appt is on.

I think I might add some Marmite to my list grin

I noticed that books are expensive when I was stranded last month.

The new house is in a small village near the Chavannes Centre.

Are you still in central Geneva?

MmeLindt Sat 15-May-10 10:54:06

Oh, not long now.

Another one on the other side of the lake from me. I want a MNetter on my side of the lake.

Hope your move goes smoothly and you can fit lots of marmite into your packing boxes.

ladybugandbutterfly Tue 18-May-10 12:24:09

Good luck with your move!

I wish I'd packed more:

Branston pickle
Baby Nurofen
Malt loaf
Tubs of baking powder/bicarbonate of soda (you can only buy little sachets!)
Tea bags
Malt vinegar

Mme Lindt - I think we may both be on the same side of the lake. Whereabouts are you?

yodelayeeoooo Thu 20-May-10 21:53:55

Thanks Ladyb. I bought a huge bottle of calpol but will buy another before we go! I nearly forgot to stock up on ketchup until the lovely checkout lady reminded me whilst doing my marmite and tea bag shop!

My building work and decorating finished last night and the packers started today. Looking forward to getting to Geneva for a bit of peace!

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 21-May-10 11:10:23

I shouldn't worry too much about ketchup, it's the marmite and branston you need. I don't drink tea but dh always asks our visitors to bring some for him. Most, if not all stuff is available, but at a price obviously.
Good luck in CH.

TheMysticMasseuse Sun 23-May-10 20:16:44

Congratulations yoodel!

A friend of mine lives in Coppet and she really likes it. I am 10 minutes from Parc Bertrand (not that I've ever gone there yet....) so if you want to meet up while you're there let me know. I have two dds aged 2 and 4.

Another thing to bring: raisins in little boxes! this genius invention hasn't made it over yet hmm

MmeLindt: I am a MN on your side of the lake!!! Although admittedly a vampire-obsessed loonie with depressive tendencies, so I get why you discount me wink

TheMysticMasseuse Sun 23-May-10 20:17:53

scrap that. my friend lives in Prangins!

MmeLindt Tue 25-May-10 13:27:22

oh, apologies for forgetting you, MM. I was obviously concentrating on the veg waving loonies on the other side of the lake.

Are you here yet, Yodel?

TheMysticMasseuse Tue 25-May-10 14:44:44

's ok MmeLindt. I am a loonie of a different kind.

MmeLindt Tue 25-May-10 16:01:02

Check out the meetup thread for meet up this Thursday.

yodelayeeoooo Fri 28-May-10 18:32:51

We are here! Arrived on Wednesday. Bit shell shocked yesterday but feeling a bit more settled today.

MM would be great to go to the park. DS1 has been enjoying the paddling pool. The slides are great fun too.

TheMysticMasseuse Fri 28-May-10 19:59:37

yodel you can email me themysticmasseuse at gmail dot com

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