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Ooooh!!!!! Look at this! My very own topic. Welcome to Mumsnet Local - Down Under!

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arfishy Sun 06-Apr-08 05:11:12

Shame my Tsarina ID is assigned to Aberdeen though grin.

As soon as I can update, then there will be plenty for Sydney. Although not the whole of Sydney [arfishy realises her mistake in volunteering for the whole of Sydney instead of suburbs like the London lot get].

[goes off to harass NewTechs]

ZuberMum Tue 04-Jan-11 00:26:09

Any news from anyone in Sydney?
I've just moved here (to Balmain from Norf London) and my 3 year old is putting pressure on me to find new playmates (bored of Mum already...)
Would also like to hear any recommendations of things to do to keep little one entertained on a low budget.

Pooklet Mon 10-Jan-11 00:24:53


I haven't just moved here - been here 3 years now, 2 little ones, (3 and 1)...

The playgroups over here are a really good way to meet other mum's and get new playmates for the kids - I think there is a website 'playgroup australia' or something like that!

Centennial Park is great for budget days out - loads of bike riding (if they are old enough) and good parks too. The Ryde Aquatic centre is good too for a swim, and of course the beaches. The museums are pretty good too - The Asutarlian Museum has a great kids area and the Powerhouse is good too...

Pooklet Mon 10-Jan-11 00:25:32

er, Australian Museum - was what I meant!

ZuberMum Thu 13-Jan-11 07:54:19

Thanks for that- we went to see the dinos at the Australian Museum yesterday- went down a treat, though the glove puppets were even more popular with my 3 year old...
I'd better brave the parks and try to befriend local mums (and hope they don't think I'm a weirdo!). And I'll look up playgroup australia- thanks.

LolaDarling7 Fri 28-Jan-11 03:23:40

Hello hello!! Just moved to Sydney from London in Jan. My daughter is 5 months old and is certainly keeping me busy in this heat! We are based in Glebe and would love to find out about any meet-ups that have been set up. Feeling very lonely as MY mummy has just left to go back to the UK after getting us settled

Looking forward to meeting some of the Sydney mums!

ZuberMum Mon 07-Feb-11 21:08:47

Hi LolaD-
Have you visited PomsinOz? There's a lot of active chat on there with advice about moving to Oz as well as some mums making contact. A really friendly group that are keen to meet up quite often- with and without offspring wine.

If you want to put your little one into childcare in the next few years Look into it NOW!! Waiting lists are long in the Inner West.

I've just discovered a play group in East Balmain- probably a little early for your bubba yet- but playgroups are quite a good place to meet other Mums. The first visit is free, so worth dropping in to try it out.

Maybe see you on PomsinOz..... wink

bunnygirl80 Mon 07-Mar-11 05:33:46


Only just noticed this section.

I've just moved to Lilyfield after being in Balmain for over a year

We do have occasional MN meet ups (normally the threads are in the living overseas section). I'm happy to meet anyone who fancies it for coffee....anything to get me and 4 month old DS out of the house cos I think he's bored of my company already grin

MythicalChicken Fri 05-May-17 04:11:29

Just found this section - hoorah!!!

We are moving to Sydney in 6 weeks time. Are there any Mumsnet meet ups or anything?

MC x

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