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Local Ambassador

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Gulee Sat 16-Mar-13 11:57:42

Mumsnet Tower Hamlets is calling local people to become a Local Ambassador.
Would you like to organise a regular-ish meet-up in your Local area?

It doesn't have to involve coffee and toddlers. It could be an evening in a gin palace, a frenzy of biscuit-making at a cookery school or a trip to the nearest canoeing centre. We won't judge.

You get to be called Local Ambassador (with a special calling card, no less) and there are some shiny Meet-ups pages in Local which will make get-togethers easier to organise. Here are a few examples of Meet-ups that are already active:

Of course, you can just join an existing group (look on to find your nearest site)

Please email putting 'Dodo Ambassador' in the subject field and stating in the email Tower Hamlets/town.

The areas that need a Local ambassador are:
1. Bethnal Green
2. Bow
3. Poplar
4. Isle of Dogs
5. Limehouse
6. Whitechapel
7. Browmley-by-Bow
8. Wapping

This opportunity is also good to put up on your CV, as this shows that you are a proactive person.

Thank you all in advance!

Mumsnet Tower Hamlets editor (waiting the ambassadors with tea and biscuits, even cakes) ;)

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