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NCC11 Tue 12-Feb-13 12:50:00

Are you pregnant?
Do you have a baby under 12 months?
Do you have a child under 4 years old?

If the answer to any of these is YES and you live in Kirklees you can get FREE vitamins through the NHS Kirklees Local Healthy Start scheme.

The supplements contain the exact level of vitamins needed by women during pregnancy and while breastfeeding to promote the healthy growth and development of their baby. Specifically folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin D. These vitamins are essential as they can help prevent birth defects and promote the development of strong bones and teeth.

The childrens supplements contain vitamins A, C and D and are important for young children as they may not be getting enough vitamins from their food, particularly if they are picky or fussy eaters.

Speak with your doctor or health visitor or call National Children's Centre on 01484 415465 or 01484 519988 for a list of referral centres in your area.

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