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Any top tips for Rugby

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Kaja Tue 11-May-10 13:56:25

Hello - not sure how many people visit the Rugby local page, but just in case....
We're about to move to the Rugby area from Belgium (!) and I wondered if anyone could recommend nice areas to look for a house, plus any fun toddler and baby groups (we've got one 6month old girl and one 2 year old boy).

fruitstick Thu 20-May-10 20:16:32

There are lots of lovely baby and toddler groups. Do you know whereabouts in town you are moving to? The NCT runs several coffee mornings every month which would be a good place for you to start.


I'll be your friend if you like grin

Kaja Fri 11-Jun-10 22:08:00

Hello - I've only just checked back on this, but thank you! I'm heading over to house-hunt next week, so will hopefully know more, but not more than 20 to 25 mins drive from Rugby station for commuting. Seeing a few places in Barby and Kilsby... Fingers crossed I manage to find something. I'm also looking for a nursery for my son who will be 3 by the time we get there, so if you've any top tips, I'd be delighted

Leightonsmommy Fri 25-Feb-11 20:39:59

We are moving to Kilsby next week
We live in Hillmorton at the moment, which isnt far away, and is a nice part of town. My son is also 3, he goes to a childminder in Brownsover rather than a nursery though.

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