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Kat8019 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:08:45

Hi, we are really struggling to make an informed decision between 2 great places to live. Horsham or Reigate. We are in our late 30s and have a 15 month old boy and need to move out of London for more space. Both places have fab schools by the sounds of it. Reigate we can afford less house for our money than Horsham - a period smaller property versus a larger new build in the centre of Horsam. Be lovely if anyone has any pros and cons of Horsham and best areas to look at for school catchments. We have found a new house just off Brighton Road in catchment of Kingslea. We are just having a wobble before we spend so much money on a property. Horsham does seem full of lots of young families with lots to do which is perfect as I'd be a SAHM for a while. Do people tend to stay long term until their children have grown up? Would love to settle somewhere now and make a base. Would love to hear from anyone how they find Horsham family life and any one who has made a similar move and how they find it? smile

Reality Sun 12-Mar-17 11:16:41

Horsham is great. My eldest two went to Kingslea and it's a lovely school.

There are LOADS of London escapees here. It's a fab place to raise kids. Lots of toddler groups and things to do with a little one, and you'll find lots of people in your exact situation, late thirties, small child, SAHM.

There are very few areas to avoid, all the schools are excellent.

You get more house for your money in the villages, we're in Southwater which is fantastic and only five minutes drive out.

It's definitely an area that people move to long term, and is a popular choice with former Londoners, with good reason.

Kat8019 Sun 12-Mar-17 13:01:13

Thank you Reality, your post is really helpful. We are so nervous about the move. We are going to increase our offer on the house tomorrow but are so nervous, especially about paying a premium for a new build. We'd hope to get into St Mary's primary or Kingslea so great that both are fab schools nearby. We keep preferring Horsham and then wondering if Reigate is less of a leap as closer to London and my husband is from Surrey (only 30mins from Horsham though), but everything points to the schools situation and longer term family life being easier in Horsham. We are excited about the potential move too. Great to know there are loads of SAHMs in similar situation. Great that you are enjoying life in Southwater!

Kat8019 Thu 16-Mar-17 12:56:55

Hi Reality, hope you don't mind me asking. We are really nervous about the price of the new build in town and are considering Southwater. If we were to go towards Southwater, the primary school seems quite big - do you know if you get into the infant school then you are automatically into the junior or if you'd have to reapply? Also how is the traffic in Southwater during school runs/rush hour with all the new developments and growth in the village? The house we are going to view if near the park. The park sounds amazing and access to the Down's link. So nervous about leaving London so just trying to ensure we have enough on our doorstep to do as a family but also with access to countryside.

Reality Thu 16-Mar-17 13:48:54

Oh the park is fabulous.

The infants and juniors felt too big for us so our youngest is at Castlewood, which is lovely. It has a real 'village school' feel.

As far as the academies go there was a bit of a hoo hah about admissions because they changed the criteria, putting attendance at the infants BELOW all the other criteria for admission to the juniors. They then changed it again after pressure from parents so now it's only looked after children who have priority. Anyway, that's a long winded way of saying, yes, you do have to reapply but it's almost guaranteed you'll get a place.

I know plenty of parents with children there and it's a great school. Just very large (four form entry).

Traffic is better than it was now they've finished mucking about with the roads and roundabouts (it was HIDEOUS for the past year or so). A few queues at rush hour, but nothing dreadful.

It's a great village, it has a semi rural feel (lots of great dog walks if that applies) but with plenty of facilities. There's a Co-op, a few restaurants, several pubs, hairdressers, a library, leisure centre and of course the country park.

Kat8019 Thu 16-Mar-17 15:57:21

Thanks again. I feel the same about the school size, as it is one of the reasons we'd like to move out of London as the schools are so huge. Well, that and the fact we can't afford a family house! smile My nieces go to a little village school in Yorkshire and I keep comparing. It's so tough finding somewhere to move to. The house we are seeing is not in catchment of Castlewood (I think it's only a mile away though) but hopefully that wouldn't mean we wouldn't get a place.

Good to hear there is plenty going on in the village. I love walks and as our little boy gets older, hopefully we'll be able to go on some lovely walks and bike rides. Fingers crossed we like this house on Saturday as we can't wait to move and have a garden, in time for Summer.

Thanks again!

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