Hello Wigan - is there anybody out there???

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Lou230 Tue 07-Aug-07 10:01:41

Just joined mum's net and want to share advice, ideas for good facilities/things to do with kids in the Wigan/Standish area.....

alkar Sun 15-Jun-08 20:23:54

Ambi - The Warrington tinytalk is on fridays and thats my only free day so I haven't decided yet. I'm just down the road from you - golborne!

Ambi Sun 15-Jun-08 22:29:47

hi there my closest mner! Do you go to the group at the clinic on Thurs?
The nursery nurse at my baby clinic sent me a brochure of signing classes. Orford, Mondays at 10. Westy- Thursdays at 9.30am and dallam, Mondays at 11.15am

alkar Mon 16-Jun-08 19:44:35

Yes I do go on Thursday but I haven't been for a few weeks. Don't think I'll make it this week either DH is off and theres lots to do around the house - just had an extension built! I do fancy the signing classes though, which company is it?

Ambi Mon 16-Jun-08 21:06:26

Not sure, it's just at the Surestart centres, hang on I'll get the leaflet.
It's called Songs & Signs.
Yes I'd imagine loads to do clearing up after messy builders and decorating.

alkar Tue 17-Jun-08 14:44:09

I'll dig my surestart book out and have a look, do you fancy going together to a class? Do you go to the cinema at warrington on Tuesdays, trying to work out who you aregrin

Waterbabies this afternoon, better go get DS ready

mistleuk Wed 18-Jun-08 09:12:38

hi I'm new i'm in Lower Ince can i join . Ther is a baby signing clas in standish on wednesday mornings, its run by tinytalk, hope that helps Ambi smile

Ambi Wed 18-Jun-08 16:15:38

Hiya Mistle, That's good that there's a class in Wigan afterall. I wish that there was somewhere that you could see all the activities, instead of having to try and find classes.
Alkar, yes I go to the cinema, now and again when there's something I fancy watching. I was hoping to go to the Orford or Westy one sometime as they seem the closest - but 9am is just a bit too early to have gotten myself together! It would be nice to have someone to go with though instead of always turning up to these this like billy-no-mates.

alkar Sat 21-Jun-08 19:02:01

Won't be going to the cinema this week ambi, already seen it and it was rubbish first time round!

alkar Wed 25-Jun-08 16:39:45

Ambi, I think I'm being a bit stupid but I cant find the signing classes in the surestart book??????

lottielousmummy Mon 18-Aug-08 20:59:00

Hi Mums, i'm new to mums net, not sure if this thread is still going or not! I have just booked a taster session at a baby music class that is starting in standish in september, Its called Rhythm Time, if that helps anyone..........

harvsmum Mon 25-Aug-08 18:24:15

Hello all! Where are these fantstic sounding classes in Standish? Do you have to book or can you just turn up?

Kidsology Thu 28-Nov-13 10:43:06

Kidsology aims to develop your child's language skills, self-confidence, creativity and communication skills to prepare them for nursery and school. We teach classes across the Hindley, Westhoughton, Wigan, Chorley, Bolton and Salford areas and private sessions in nurseries, schools and childrens' centres.
We have a wide range of classes covering:
• Baby Massage
• Sensory Babies
• Jive Bunnies
• Rock & Roll

Call Vicky on 07538 724 932 or email vicky@kidsology.co.uk. Visit the website for more info at www.kidsology.co.uk

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