Prenatal Parenting Programme

County Wide

In just 3 short hours you can learn how to deal with any situation that arises in a way that is right for you and for your baby. No more feeling guilty if something makes you feel ‘bad'. Whilst you are learning some great stuff, dare I say life changing stuff, your baby will be benefiting too.

Deliberate Prenatal Bonding (The Wise Hippo)

“A conscious intention of mothers (and those close to her) to understand their emotions, take care of their emotional well-being and interact with their babies, in order to support their unborn baby's emotional intelligence and to enhance their current and future relationships.” The Wise Hippo

-Enjoy interacting with your baby
-Increase your energy levels and emotional well-being
-Raise your self-esteem and self confidence
-Let go of negativity
-Promote positivity

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