Mermaid Spa


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The Mermaid Spa removes you a little from your normal life and touches you with a little of the magic of the Portmeirion experience. Each visitor to the Spa is unique, treated throughout the whole experience as special and offered a moment of stillness, quiet reflection and deep relaxation.

Experience a deeply enjoyable and effective individualized treatment and being cared-for with health promoting products that naturally calm your mind and enhance your body.

Finish satisfied, unhurried, relaxed, revived and cared-for. The Mermaid Day Spa delivers the promise of real, whole health-promoting, luxury body treatments.

Two therapy treatment rooms facilitate full therapy and body wraps contained within the spa.

The Hair and Beauty Studio and home of our Bespoke Perfumery with hair and beauty, facial, foot spa, foot massage, reflexology.

You will be offered a complimentary Jasmine tea.

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