Barking Community Birth Centre

Barking & Dagenham

Have your baby in a relaxed, homely environment at midwife-led Barking Community Birth Centre.

If you have a low-risk pregnancy Barking Community Birth Centre is a comfortable and safe place to have your baby. It's perfect for those who don't want to give birth at a hospital.

Highly-skilled midwives provide one-on-one support to help you to give birth naturally in one of the four comfortable rooms. Most rooms have birth pools, and every room comes equipped with balls, mats, beanbags and stools so you can find the position most comfortable for you during labour.

Women who choose to have their baby in birth centres are more likely to:
• have a better birth experience
• give birth naturally
• not need interventions such as caesarean sections
• not require pain-relief
• breastfeed.

Your partner can stay over with you and most women go home after six to 24 hours. The centre has a kitchen to prepare meals and drinks, and a private courtyard so you can walk around outside. The centre also has a free car park.

Come and meet the midwives to find out more:
Wednesdays at 6pm
Sundays at 11am
To book call the centre on 020 3644 2450.

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