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Baby Rhyme Time, Toddler Read and Rhyme and Story Explorerers


Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • ladolcemar

    01-Jul-2015 Report

    Rhyme Time is great for kids' development and a great way to meet other mums. But you know Barnet wants to close the libraries with the greatest use by children to save a meagre amount to fund a 1% tax cut that gave millionaires an extra £27 a year but will take more than 100,000 books away from our children each year. If you value your library - and you should because they are brilliant and a vital service - you are going to have to fight to keep it. Write to the Head of the Library Committee before the vote to radically cut the service. If you use or want to be able to use your library, please remind him how much you value and need your local library. We have fewer than 90 days to save Barnet libraries (to which we have a right under law that is being disregarded). Tell the head of the committee why you need Rhyme Time and books for your kids. You can email him on: cllr.r.thompstone@barnet.gov.uk

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