Fig & Bloom - Nutrition & Cookery

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Muswell Hill-based consultancy specialising in nutrition, cooking tutorials and recipe development - to help improve long-term health and wellbeing.

​Stephanie, registered nutritional therapist, and Dorothy, holistic chef and recipe developer, combine evidence-based nutrition and culinary creativity to help our clients to nourish themselves easily, effectively and deliciously.

We want to help you understand more about your specific nutritional requirements and show you how you can eat better to feel better, whether you are looking for ways to improve how you feel generally or to alleviate the symptoms of a specific health condition.

We offer:

​* Private nutrition & cookery consultations in your own home

* Nutrition & cookery workshops @ Le Creuset, Muswell Hill, with themes such as pregnancy, postnatal, weight management, energy, gut health, beauty and hormonal balance.

* 'Host us' nutrition and cookery events for you and your friends

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