Mummy & Baby Bonding Observation

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Hi, my name is Joan Chrystal,

I am a Postgraduate student hoping to find some willing parents who'd like to take part in Parent-Infant Observations.

What are the observations for?
The aim is to view how a baby forms attachments to their parents from being a new born up till his/her first birthday.

When does it start?
The observations are supposed to begin within the first two weeks of baby's birth. (Hopefully you'll be due from anytime now up until mid-Jan 2015).

How does it takes place?
I would simply observe you and the baby in the natural setting of your home, for one hour, weekly on a decided day and time.

Thank you very much for giving this msg a read, I really do appreciate it and hope that if you are interested, we can come to some sort of arrangement, should you be happy to take part in this experience!

Please do contact me via email:

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