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Are you allergic to the gym? Do you dance like a dad at weddings? Are you fed up with the latest exercise trends? Then look no further ...


A kooky and fun Exercise to Music Class new to North London!

Classes held on Wednesdays, 7.30 p.m. - 8.15 p.m.

£5 pound per class.

"Whips Pom poms and the home Guard! What more could a girl want? Fab lunging on the dance floor, thanks Kerry. Xx"

Sweating has never been such fun ... apart from the other thing that is!

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  • pollyolly

    21-Nov-2014 Report

    A great way to raise a midweek smile and a bit of a sweat with friends.
    definately no experiance or co-ordination required!
    Great exercise class for people who take life just that bit less seriously!

  • Mudskipper72

    20-Nov-2014 Report

    Proper fun, lively, and welcoming exercise. Love it! Not to be taken too
    Seriously though! No experience necessary, just a bottle of water and a smile.
    Definitely suits me

  • bulldoG1

    20-Nov-2014 Report

    A fun class. You can wear what you feel comfortable in. Be prepared to smile while you exercise. Join the class and find out ror yourself.friendly welcome was appreciated. Go on give it a go.

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