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Whenever you find yourself undertaking something which is outside your comfort zone you always want the comfort of a specialist; a person or a company that have sepcialised in your field for a long time. It's never more important then when you find yourself getting ready to move house to relocate your business. This is complicated enough when you are moving around the city, but when you are heading across borders to Spain, battling language barriers and unfamiliar paperwork it becomes paramount.

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  • WillieHubbard

    08-Apr-2016 Report

    What a fantastic service! This company gave me so much advice when I was moving house, that I didn't know the full extent of what they could do! I really could not recommend this team highly enough and I urge you to call Spain Removals if you have any items that you are unsure about!

  • RoderickPrice4

    20-Apr-2015 Report

    Spain Removals are truly the best in the business. After a quick initial and informative discussion with their staff over the phone, everything was pretty much sorted out and then from that moment onwards, everything ran like clockwork. I was assigned a hard working bunch of movers who were friendly, polite, speedy and yet efficient in their approach and there were no problems, so I would absolutely use their services again in the future.

  • JoanBryan

    11-Mar-2015 Report

    I had many sleepless nights, prior to moving day. Worry, stress you name it, I had it all for many months leading up to the move and I was really dreading the day arriving. When the day arrived and removals company Spain Removals arrived it was such a relief, I mean as soon as the day begun they immediately got down to business and took full control of everything. Without a doubt they helped me to relax and I do not think that I got stressed once whilst they were here, full credit to the team they are awesome.

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