Parent Partner 1 day Labour Preparation


Parent Partner is a personalised support service for new parents in London, Herts and Essex.

We offer a unique 1 day (6 hours) Preparation for Labour workshop which will enable you to feel more confident for labour and birth. This one day workshop can be taken stand-alone or in any combination with our other workshops. See for more information.

Our one day course includes:
How straightforward birth works
How to recognise when labour has started
When to go to your birthplace & what to take
Early labour and the first stage
Pain relief options
What happens during the second stage of labour
Options for the delivery of the placenta
Caesarean birth, what happens & recovery
Assisted birth, why it might be necessary & recovery
Induction of labour, why it may be offered, potential issues arising from induction.
Price incl light lunch & refreshments.

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