The Diet Concierge

Barnet wide

Struggling to lose weight? Stuck in a diet rut? Or just lacking inspiration in the kitchen? I can help.

I am, and always have been, passionate about food. I truly believe that the body is a machine and we need to feed it the correct fuel to work properly. I also understand how hard it is to lose weight, and to make sense of the conflicting advice and diets out there.
I know what it is like to put on weight, to lose it again and to feel uninspired by the choices in the supermarket. I am a mother, and a woman who understands society's pressures to look a certain way, and to want to fit into 'that pair' of jeans! I am a non-trained expert who will not baffle you with science. My solution is not a 'diet' in the traditional sense of the word, but rather an adjustment to your lifestyle.
I live in with my husband and daughter in Barnet, North London.

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