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Little Herbs was born because we - two mums - couldn't find good enough skin care for expectant mothers, new mums and babies.

Little Herbs skincare is made here in Somerset by mums, by hand and with love. We rely on tradition, tradition that has been proved by modern science as utterly efficacious.

We use simple recipes, with ingredients that are good enough to eat.

We favour the English country garden because we know we can rely on its produce, its history, and its ethos.

We love its herbs, flowers, seeds and bees which provide the best and the purest ingredients.

We ALWAYS use certified organic ingredients.

We ALWAYS tell you exactly what is in each product.

Our Consultant Medical Herbalist checks each recipe, working in accordance with standards set out by the National Council for Medical Herbalists.

Little Herbs skincare is not tested on animals - only on willing volunteers.


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  • herbalfan

    15-Apr-2016 Report

    Dorothy Sinclair Fadia: "Had lot of problems when I began nursing. Tried the lanolin products which are usually recommended, but nothing helped. My sister was googling and found the Little Herbs website and suggested I try it. And I'm glad I did. The Breast Balm is so good and helps with healing instantly. Would recommend to every new mother. I have also tried the Baby Oil and Soothing Salve which are also excellent products. I always have these products close to me and I never leave home without them. Thank you Little Herbs for making it that much easier!! If it wasn't for Little Herbs I would have stopped breastfeeding.. life saver!!!"

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