Games and Circus Skills Parties


Are you looking for a truly memorable, hugely fun and exciting party for your child's birthday? PlayUp provides an action packed mix of traditional and not so tradition party games and circus skills fun, including team challenges, silly relay races, circle games like duck duck goose, pass the parcel and fruit salad and chasing-searching games. Include parachute games, wide games, water games or something else from a vast plethora of party games available.

Add a circus skills workshop to the party! Learn to spin plates, juggle with balls, scarves or even clubs, throw and spin devil sticks and flower sticks and spin poi in a variety of patterns in both hands. Detailed tuition is given for all skills ensuring that all participants will have the best chance at learning and practicing a new circus skill. For those who already have some experience with circus skills, there are always new tricks and techniques to learn. All skill-bases can be catered for.

I will come to you with all the equipment and resources, following a chat with you about what you're looking for. I will put together a programme that will work perfectly for the children and venue you've got in mind.

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