Stan and Mabel Family Concert


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This is a story of a music-loving dog called Stan and a music-loving cat called Mabel.

Whilst the arrival of a 'pink hairless creature' (A baby. AAAH!!!) means that Mabel has been a cuddle-less cat for a long time, Stan, the dog next door, just longs for a walk in the park. Only the beautiful flute music played by the lady downstairs makes them happy in their high-rise homes. But one day the music stops.

And so begins Stan and Mabel's hilarious adventure to follow the flautist to Italy for the 'Best Orchestra in the World' competition. And how, along the way, with an oboe-playing duck, two drumming rabbits and a herd of musical cows, they become the first (and greatest) animal orchestra and take the music world by storm.

A hugely enjoyable interactive adventure bringing together irrepressible storyteller Polly Ives and a truly remarkable band of musicians (Ensemble360)

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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