Dance lessons


Fun Dance classes are available for 4-9 year olds. These classes are ‘exam-free'; the children attend purely for the enjoyment of dancing and to learn new skills. Classes take place at St. Andrews Church, Combe Down. All classes are 30 minutes long, and emphasise FUN!!

Thursday afternoons

3:30pm Home Educated children 4-8 year olds
4pm 4-6 year olds
4:30pm 7-9 year olds

In Fun Dance the children learn routines to popular music in different styles, for example Disco, Cheerleading, Ballet. Every week there are lots of props (and some bits of costume!) provided to dance with the intention of creating a positive, friendly experience for the children. Parents have the choice of either staying in the room to watch or sitting in the sofa area directly outside the room to have a chat or occupy siblings who are most welcome to along too. No uniform required. Boys and Girls welcome.

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