Bath Megapixel


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During the week of October 24th - October 28th 2016, the University of Bath Maths Department, and the Further Maths Support Programme, will be trying to create a huge pixel image - made from individual pixels coloured by the general public using only RED, GREEN and BLUE.

This will model the way most digital screens use only Red, Green and Blue light to create full colour displays. Every digital image consists of simply numerical information concerning the Red, Green and Blue values of each pixel - or the RGB values.

We'll be colouring in individual 'pixels' of acetate, with red, green and blue pens.
When assembled we hope we will see a full colour picture (if you stand far enough back and squint a bit!).

Come along and help out and learn about the way computers process colour digitally. You can colour some of our pixels, use our microscope to see how your phone does its pixels, create your own RGB version of your face, and learn how to understand binary and hexadecimal. You can view or download some of the worksheets to explore these ideas on the Worksheets page.

This is suitable for students from Key Stage 2 up to A-level - families are more than welcome

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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