Soft cotton Wrap baby carrier/sling

North Bedfordshire

Lovely soft cotton baby wrap carrier by Moby, USA.

Soft chocolate brown cotton that wraps around you in various styles, keeping you and baby comfortable. This wrap was fantastic for my son, who was "colicky" when little and I walked lots around the park with him asleep and me happy!

Also great for shopping, as you have free hands and no buggy to cope with! Baby can face in or outwards, great as they can communicate with everyone on 'eye level' which is much better fun for them than down low in a buggy.

Really easy to use, cotton is slightly stretch for comfort. Breathable, so not too hot in warm weather. Can use from premature baby up to 35lbs (20kg).

Recommended for helping mother-(or dad!) -to baby contact and bonding, and "kangaroo care" for early babies.
In excellent used condition, complete with instructions, original label and bag to keep it.