ToddlerCalm Classes


Toddlers can be a real challenge; from tantrums to picky eating, clingy behaviour to sleep problems. Most toddler books and television programmes, such as Supernanny, only offer strict behavioural techniques such as 'time out' and 'naughty steps' which often make both parents and toddlers even more stressed. Other toddler behavioural solutions rely on the use of toddler star charts or potty training reward charts which provide short term help at best.
ToddlerCalm™ provides real help for life with the 'terrible twos'.

Our workshops help parents to avoid tantrums and aid restful sleep; turning tantruming toddlers and stressed parents into calmer toddlers and happier parents.

1) The Toddlercalming parenting course (4 week course - £75)

2) ToddlerCalming workshop (3 hours - £35)

3) ToddlerCalm® sleep workshop (3 hours - £35)

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Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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